Top 5 Ways to Maximize Your Store to Sell Art

Top 5 Ways to Maximize Your Store to Sell Art

Steve MontesFeb 14, '21

In the retail world, wall space can be a precious commodity. You only have so much of it; you want to be certain that you are showcasing items that will delight your shoppers. 


So you arrange and rearrange, trying to make room for the wholesale artwork that you are certain will become new favorites for your clients. You hang and display as many items as you can, until you simply run out of wall space.


But don’t stop there. Once you’ve run out of wall space, it’s time to get creative.


1. Look Up

How high does your display reach? Does it reach all the way to the ceiling? If not, then you are giving up free space.


Many stores still stick to the “hang at eye level” advice, which is great advice - if you’re running an art gallery. But you’re not running a gallery, you have a shop. If you want to give your customers a chance to find art that they absolutely fall in love with, then your customers deserve as many choices as possible.


So go ahead, hang art up high, all the way towards the ceiling. Our extra large farmhouse style paintings will be the perfect fit for those blank spots!


2. Table Top Displays

Once you’ve run out of wall space, it’s time to start looking for alternatives. A table can be the perfect solution for expanding your offerings.


Whether you place them in a decorative box or leave them loose on the table, easily accessible artwork will entice your shoppers. This welcoming, grab-and-go approach encourages browsing, which in turn can increase your sales.


There’s just something so tangible, and tempting, about flipping through art on their own, that your clients won’t be able to resist.


3. Easels = Easy

Evoke the image of the artist in residence with a styled easel. It’s a fun prop for any shop that sells art.


Easels can be placed anywhere where you have good foot traffic. You can use a standing easel or tabletop easel - or both. Switch out paintings on a regular basis to keep things fresh for your customers.


You can display one of our farmhouse style paintings on its own, or set up more than one easel to showcase a series of paintings. If you bought several of our cheap barnwood frames, set one up here for that country charm.


4. Prop It Up

You’ve already used up wall space towards the ceiling. But have you looked at some of the lower spaces you may still have available?


You can place a riser next to the wall, and prop paintings up against the wall, much lower than where you would normally hang them. You can use a simple, more minimalist riser that puts the focus on the art. Or, go all-in with seasonal displays. Think: hay bales as risers in the fall. These are


If you’ve already invested in cheap barnwood frames wholesale, then this casual set-up is a charming way to display them.


5. All Boxed Up

Bins - with a back - are another attention-grabbing prop, and a creative way to display paintings.


You can purchase a pre-made bin, or pull out your hammer and nails and make one yourself. They’re easy to build, and you’ll have the flexibility of designing a bin that can hold multiple pieces.


This sort of casual display is ideal for showcasing our popular farmhouse style.


Running out of wall space can be frustrating when you have great art that you want to share with your clients. Maximizing your store will allow you to display, and sell, more of your wholesale artwork stock.


And now that you’ve found some hidden space in your shop, let us add our wholesale framed artwork.  Your customers will love the simplicity, whimsey, and creativity of our work.

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