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The Love of Old Barnwood

Steve MontesFeb 11, '21


For decades, my wife and I have been selling handmade décor from our studio by the Hudson River in New York. We began by going to trade shows and selling our work to men and women from across the country. We cultivated relationships with nearly 9,000 customers who continue shopping with us for our farmhouse style décor. With Covid taking over the globe, our business has adapted in various ways and, as a result, our sales have doubled. In addition to building our website, we are also reaching customers through the wholesale business. This happens most notably through our wholesale barnwood frames, which come from actual barnwood located throughout New England. In this article, we are going to show you the behind the scenes work of how we go about finding and creating authentic barnwood frames:


Finding the Barn
There are many old barns in the New England countryside no longer needed by their owners. At the owner’s request, we remove the barn using trucks, chains, and of course gloves. One barn can go a long way in our studio. We use the wood to create various barnwood picture frames ranging in size from 10”x10” to 22”x10”. As we have heard from customers, these sizes allow them to place the artisan frames anywhere in the house.


Why Our Customers Love Barnwood
Barnwood is a rustic style of decoration that looks timeless. Moreover, this style allows customers to give personalized gifts during any season. Besides the authenticity of our barnwood frames, our customers take great pride in purchasing our quality product at an economical price.  In New England, the most popular types of barns are made from oak, poplar, chestnut, pine, or hickory. The natural element of our farmhouse style of picture frames adds warmth and uniqueness to the room. Reclaimed wood wall décor’s weathered appearance also reminds us of the New England countryside.


The Ginger Blue Décor Difference
The authentic pieces of barnwood frames are come by honestly here at Ginger Blue Décor. Our original artwork is created in our studio, which combined with our barnwood frames, sell year-round. Additionally, the training I received at The Art Institute of Chicago combined with the knowledge of being in business for decades gives our customers a variety of quality paintings at an affordable cost. Our original artwork is focused on wholesome elements found in still life, pastoral settings, or communal settings such as food and family. The vibrancy of these paintings attracts customer’s attention and can benefit the store that carries them. Often, paintings and frames are bought to enhance a customer’s collection of winter décor, spring flowers, or sometimes to help celebrate specific events like Valentine’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day.


We have built our reputation on quality and convenience. Our pieces can enhance any style of room be it traditional or modern, formal, or relaxed, or visually warm or cool. While 2020 has brought obstacles for our lives and our business, we have navigated through it and we look forward to serving our customers in multiple capacities.




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