personalized framed photo


SKU: BWF-P-S-B ginger blue home

This frame is a mounted custom photo that you upload. It is mounted on hardboard and permanently attached to the frame. The image is Giclée 

Step 1 choose your image

When choosing an image, Use the best resolution possible. low image quality produces poor results.  To have optimal quality the original image should have a 300ppi (pixels per inch) resolution. We accept most image formats including JPEG and PNG formats. If the file size is approximately one megabytes (1MB) it should be acceptable for the smallest size. For larger size frames 8 mg is preferred.  Images from the internet are low resolution and will be blurry or distorted. Images will be edited to fit the size ordered. Do not use photos with watermarks or text in them.

Step 2 choose your size and color

Step 3 wait for your amazing picture frame to arrive. 

It is available in 3 sizes and 3 colors. 

10" x 10" outside of frame

14" x 14" outside of frame

25" x 25" outside of frame

black, natural, white